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  • Natural Chestnut

    natural Chinese Chestnut Natural water source irrigation, rich in organic matter and other chinese chestnut growing trace elements of the micro acid soil, making chinese chestnut branches and leaves flourish, a lot of fruit.Our chinese chestnut comes from the chestnut trees...
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  • Fresh Sweet Chestnut

    Fresh sweet Chinese Chestnut Chinese Chestnut is rich in nutrients, which contains sugar and starch up to 70.1%, protein 7%. In addition, it also contains monosaccharide and disaccharide, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and Nick acid, protein, fat and inorganic...
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  • Wild Chestnut

    Chestnut is native to China, distributed in mainland China.Chestnuts are nutritious and contain more vitamin C than tomatoes and more than a dozen times as much as apples.The minerals in chestnuts are also very comprehensive, with potassium, zinc, iron and so on. Although the...
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  • Organic Chestnut

    Chestnuts are rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the normal functions of teeth, bones and blood vessels and muscles, prevent and treat osteoporosis, leg and lumbar acidity, muscle and bone pain, weakness, etc., and delay the aging of human body. Chestnut is an ideal health...
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