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Dried Persimmon

  • Natural Dried Persimmon

    Dried Persimmon is leisure food, which possesses the Chinese national ethnic flavor. Take mature persimmon fruit, eliminate skin and exposure for a month, it then becomes dried persimmon. It has the effect of moistening lung and stopping bleeding and other effects. The...
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  • First-class Dried Persimmon

    Guangxi dried persimmon is famous for its large size,round shape,thick meat,soft texture and sweet taste.Because the dried persimmon is just like the mid autumn moon, it is called "moon persimmon".In the past 100 years, persimmon tree has grown in persimmon products, and all...
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  • Persimmon Cake

    Persimmon rich nutrition, bright color, soft and juicy, sweet and delicious, young and old like food.According to measurement, every 100 grams persimmon contains carbohydrate 15 grams above, sugar 28 grams, protein 1.36 grams, fat 0.2 grams, phosphor 19 milligram, iron 8...
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  • Organic Dried Persimmon

    Packaging Details 1kg*10bag/ctn 500g*20bag/ctn 1.36kg*10box/ctn Any package as your demand Delivery Time within 30-50 days after receiving the payment. Specifications Dried Persimmon 1.Size: 25-30g, 30-40g,40-45g,45g up 2.Package: 5kg/10kg/16.32kg/ctn 3.Cold storage 4.Grade A...
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  • Fresh Sweet Dried Persimmon

    Persimmon cake contains mannose, sucrose, glucose and xylitol.Persimmon cake can reduce pressure, stop bleeding, clear heat and embellish intestines.The white frost on persimmon cake calls persimmon frost, persimmon frost can treat pharynx and larynx dry pain, mouth tongue...
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