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Dried Red Jujube

Dried Red Jujube

1.Our own planting base for herb plants.
2.Our own facilities and production lines.
3.Professional R&D and Sales team.
4.Professional technology and mature system.
5.Products meet international standard quality of the products.
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Dried Red Jujube

How to eat it

★The first red date bubble water drink

The study found that taking a glass of red jujube water every day was good for nourishing the liver detoxification.Experiments have shown that people with poor liver function who take a glass of jujube every day for a week can effectively increase the serum protein in their bodies, which can help them maintain a healthy liver.

★The second red date bubble tea drink

Can put the date in the iron pot to stir fry, after become black tea drink, have very good health stomach effect, add a few longan slightly, have very good fill the role of blood and fill the role of qi.This kind of jujube tea can be very good fill air to protect throat, suit a few lifting often to use throat crowd very much.

★The third red date boil porridge to drink

Will boil red dates gruel to take, can play a very good function of peace to help sleep, it is best to choose millet, so that the role of the red dates can be given full play.In addition, if the female has the state of mind restless situation, may also add some lily and lotus seed on the basis of the date congee, such effect will strengthen.

★Fourth, the date boiled eggs to eat

You can add an egg into the water of red dates and longan brown sugar, and then slowly simmer the egg until it is cooked. In this way, the boiled egg is very nourishing and has a good effect of nourishing blood. If you take it frequently, you will find that your complexion is getting better and better.

★The fifth red date boil soup drink

Add red jujube, white fungus and rock sugar into a pot to boil the soup, which has a good role in relieving cough and moistening lung, and has a good health effect on the throat.

★The sixth red date bubble wine to drink

Soak the dates and liquor together and store in a cool place, about a month later.In the process of liquor soaking, a large amount of nutrients and organic materials will be more easily dissolved, so that the produced dates will have a good effect of promoting blood vessel patency.

Shipping Methods for dried jujube


Delivery time



Small order

By courier company, such as EMS, DHL, FEDEX, TNT,etc

Within 3-10 working days after received payment


100G,200G,500G, as per buyer's option

Bulk order  

By sea or by air(according to your request)

Within 15-25 working days after received deposit

T/T or L/C

10-25kg/carton(inside plastic bag, outside carton box)

More details can be further discuss

Vacumn package can provide


Our Advantage for dried jujube

1.Our own planting base for herb plants.

2.Our own facilities and production lines. 

3.Professional R&D and Sales team.

4.Professional technology and mature system. 

5.Products meet international standard quality of the products. 





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