How to store dry jujube
Jul 16, 2018

First, refrigeration method Pre-cooling and sterilization of jujube before storage, pre-cooling to the temperature of the reservoir to 2 degrees, pre-cooling to maintain the temperature of the library 0 degrees, at the same time with TBZ smoke agent (3-6g/m) fumigation sterilization, jujube fruit after the cooling in the library box, to the lining of the 0.03-0.05mm of perforated polyethylene film bag.


After the storage of JuJube to quickly cool down, requirements storage temperature of 0 degrees, the warehouse temperature is 1 degrees. Temperature is the most important environmental factor affecting the storage life of fresh jujube. In a certain temperature range, the lower the storage effect is better, 0 degrees below, the date of respiration is 20 degrees under 50% of the respiration of jujube, at the same time it can slow down the transpiration rate of fruit moisture and inhibit microbial activity.

However, the temperature is lower than the freezing point of jujube fruit, it will produce frostbite to jujube fruit, the freezing point of different jujube fruit is different, still need to study further.


Traditional methods of preserving JuJube The main is the fresh jujube sun into red dates or made  and dates, such as processed products, used to save, although the red jujube sugar content high cut and storage, but VC content only for 0.12~0.19% mg/g, reduced to the VC content of fresh JuJube below 5%, the VC content of the dates can be kept in 2mg/g,However, the processing of fresh jujube should be short supply period seriously affected the production of JuJube.

Iv. Gas-Tone method By adjusting the gas composition in the storage environment of jujube, it can adjust the respiration of the fruit and inhibit the growth and propagation of microorganism, so as to keep the fresh-keeping purpose, at present, the research results of the effect of gas composition on the storage effect of jujube are inconsistent.

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