Mango Purchase and storage
Jul 16, 2018

1, the purchase of mango, can its soft and hard degree as a criterion, that is, fruit maturity in 80% or more than 90%, usually near the head of the feeling hard, full of flexibility is preferred; excellent or too soft should not choose. 

2, identify the ripening of mango: natural ripe mango, color is not very uniform, and the ripening mango only small head tip of the Peel Green, other parts of the peel are yellow; naturally ripe mango, mostly on the epidermis can smell a fruit fragrance, ripening mango taste light or smell; naturally ripe mango has hardness and elasticity,The ripening mango is generally softer. 

3, immature mango can be placed in the rice tank to ripen, if already ripe mango can be placed in the preservation box, placed in the refrigerator storage.

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