Precautions for eating persimmon
Jul 16, 2018

1, the best not to eat persimmon on an empty stomach When fasting, our stomach acid will secrete more and higher concentration at this time, and Persimmon contains a lot of tannin and gum still have some soluble convergence agent components, such as with our high concentration of gastric juice fusion, there is a chance to lead to stone, at this time the stone may be blocked pyloric, the stomach pressure rise, so that we have stomach swelling stomach pain, etc.

How the situation is serious may also cause the stomach calculus, the stomach ulcer, the stomach haemorrhage and so on some serious illness appears.

2, should not eat a large number of persimmon Persimmon contains a lot of sugar, if eat too much persimmon will have adverse effects on our teeth and mouth, may also affect our appetite.

Also, Persimmon in the tannic acid on the body of calcium, magnesium and other trace elements of the impact of absorption, easy to lead to our body's malnutrition.

3, should not even eat with the skin

Persimmon skin is the main presence of acid sediments, if even the skin together to eat may increase some such as abdominal pain, nausea and other morbidity opportunities.

4, Persimmon can not eat with sweet potatoes Persimmon in the tannin, cellulose and other sweet potato fermentation, at this time if the common in the stomach, will lead to a rapid precipitation, will be the normal function of the body of the stomach affect, serious may lead to intestinal obstruction.

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