Storage Insurance for Mango
Jul 16, 2018

First, Pre-storage treatment After the mango harvest back in the indoor stacking for a day and night, so that its sweating, cooling, and then rinse dry with water after the use of 52 ℃ 54 ℃ hot water soaked 8 10min and 1OOOppm Tequedo (or flapping, bacteria, heterotrophic urea) leaching, to prevent the occurrence of anthrax. If the 100ppm Gibberellin solution is used to soak the 10min, it can be both antiseptic and late ripening.

There are also reports of the use of radiation pests in the pretreatment process.

After the fruit disinfection treatment, dry or dry fruit surface, remove damage, rotten fruit, grading packaging.

Second, storage technology The suitable ripening temperature of mango is 21 ℃ 24 ℃, and it is difficult to get good results when above or below this range. The temperature exceeding this range will cause the later ripe fruit flavor not to be normal, if the temperature is below 15. 6℃ 118. 3 ℃, although also can make the fruit has the good coloring. But the flesh has the sour taste, needs to put again to the temperature is 21 ℃ 24 ℃ Mature 2-3 days, causes its sweetness to increase, improves the quality.

Several new methods of mango storage are introduced.

◆ 1, milk his coating (EC) Storage method Mango is the breath peak type fruit, under the suitable condition (25℃±2℃,85℃±5%RH), 6-8 days will complete its harvest mature.

In addition, Mango is also susceptible to fungi, bacteria and anthrax and fruit flies (fruitflies) damage. Fruit ripening depends on 3 factors: water transpiration, maturation and aging rate, microbial and insect infections.

The treatment of the surface of the fruit with a layer of semi permeable membrane can selectively control the infiltration of O2CO2 and water vapor, postpone the postharvest physiological activities, and also limit the invasion of insects and microorganisms, and the creep method is less expensive than other storage methods and easy to operate. The emulsion was prepared by the mixture of polyethylene sucrose ester, carboxymethyl cellulose salts and mono-acyl glycerin, and the coating treatment could delay the ripening of mango. A recent product called Primafiesh Wax film Treatment can extend the 6-day mango shelf period.

The emulsion coating solution prepared by the following methods can prolong mango ripening for at least 20 days.

(1) The preparation of the Creep layer liquid

The raw material of 50%BX is maltose dextrin (de=10), 3% cmc--na (Low viscosity), 10% of ester fatty acids (Division, hlb=6), propylene glycol, etc. After mixing the above raw materials, stir the electromagnetic stirring 15min at room temperature and add 0.1% sodium benzoate (antiseptic) is refrigerated and standby.

(2) Coating treatment

Heat the coating liquid temperature to 40 ℃ sprayed on the mango to be preserved, and then stored in 15 ℃ and 25 ℃, relative humidity of 80% to 85% of the conditions.

◆ 2. Radiation Storage Method Food-irradiated fresh Tibetan is the symbol of peaceful use of atomic energy after the Second World War, and it is a new technique and method to develop the knight after the traditional preservation method. For the fresh storage of food, mainly penetrating radiation, commonly used in the RAD Ray and beta-ray. R-rays can be fired by drilling 60 or handcuff 137, but 60 of the energy of cobalt is greater than that of Cesium 137 and has a long half-life.

And in the blessing of the radiation intensity is almost constant, relatively safe and reliable, large packaging containers of food can also be irradiated from the outside, so the production of the actual use of cobalt 60.

◆ 3, Gas storage method (CA) Many fruits can be stored in the laboratory for gas storage, but only a few fruits (such as apples, pears) have been commercially used. The CA storage of mango varies by breed, for example, the RAD Mango in Thailand is stored 25d[2 under 4%co2 and 6%o2,13℃ and 94%rh conditions. The optimal CA storage conditions for Rad Mango were obtained by analyzing the total weight loss, hardness, color, P (H), titration acid, total solids and sensory evaluation.

It helps to prolong the shelf life and ensure that the quality index changes less.

◆ 4, gas-adjusted packaging storage method (MAP) This method should consider storage temperature, packing material, deoxidation agent and ethylene adsorbent. Israeli scholar S. Fishman the mathematical model of Mango map storage method suitable for porous film packaging was established by the study. The model is designed to optimize the map condition of Mango, which is established through the calculation of O2 concentration and RH in Mango map storage. The mathematical model includes an equation describing the respiration, transpiration, and osmosis of Mango, and their effectiveness has been confirmed experimentally. The experiment and prediction show that the effect of the pore area of the packing film on the O2 concentration is much more than that of RH, so it is possible to regulate the RH in the bag to reduce the loss of fruit weight and maintain the gas content of the minimum physiological activity of the mango. The model points out the effect of O2 concentration, rh and packaging film parameters on storage, which will provide optimal O2 concentration and RH value for map storage.

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