Symptoms of Mango Allergy
Jul 16, 2018

1. Facial swelling and inflammation The most typical symptom of eating mango allergy is facial redness and swelling of the allergic person. Especially with the mouth week facial redness is most common, this is because most eat mango like peel the skin of mango, directly to the entrance to eat mango, so, mango juice, pulp is stained in the mouth week cheek, Mango contains a large number of allergic acids, Protein and amino acids.

When facial skin is directly exposed to these allergy-prone substances, it can cause allergies.

2. Eye swelling and pain Usually eat mango allergy first appear facial redness and inflammation of the symptoms, after a few days may develop into eye swelling and pain.

This is the body's immune system for allergic inflammation to make a large-scale response to the disease, is one of the symptoms of disease development.

3. Vomiting diarrhea Very few people eat mango after the diarrhea, vomiting reaction, this is allergic to the gastrointestinal tract of mango in the allergic substances of acid, protein, etc. to make the reaction.

The symptoms of eating mango allergies are rare. Eat Mango allergy is because this time the mango is not ripe, the second is because the way to eat mango too open. The mango peeled into small pieces to eat, and after eating to timely gargle, face, can effectively prevent eating mango allergy.

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