The cultivation techniques of pear
Jul 16, 2018

Pear is widely used for soil and water. Pear has a long life and it is easy to cultivate, regardless of mountain, flat, sandy soil, clay can be planted, but different varieties of the system on the climatic conditions are also different. All cultivated varieties must be grafted to breed, pear rootstock species are many, north China, Northwest Pyrus betulaefolia or wood pear, commonly used autumn pear as rootstock, the south of the Yangtze River in the provinces and more pear and shali, Sichuan pear or pear. European use of Cydonia Bo as a rootstock of Western pear, has a dwarfing effect.

Cydonia bo is native to southern Europe, China has been introduced since ancient times, more cultivated in Xinjiang and Yunnan. Pear has strong adaptability to natural environment, strong resistance to flood and waterlogging, and can be planted in mountainous and flat land. When planting, it needs to be accompanied by pollination trees.

The case of Huanghua is matched with the new century or Hangqing. 

1, pear planting time generally in late November to the next January, the latest should not be more than early spring, spacing appropriate 4x6 rice, color-dense method can be 2x3 meters, such as the age can be cut in batches or thinning.

So the third year can be up to the weight of Mu, five years exceeding 3,000 kg. 

2, in the management period, should pay attention to pear bud, sparse bud, artificial pollination, flowering bee, and other flowering time spraying 0.2-0.5% boric acid, 0.3% urea, 15PPM acetic acid sodium can increase the fruit rate.

The pear yield can be increased by irrigating the pear trees during the high temperature arid period of July-August. 

3, fertilization is the management of an important measure, pear need to absorb nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, so the pear application of organic fertilizer can be used soybean cake, cottonseed, plant ash, human feces and urine, inorganic fertilizer can be used urea, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate and so on.

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