The effect of Apple
Jul 16, 2018

1, Apple has the effect of reducing cholesterol content Chinese Thank heaven Nine researchers have been tested: Eating apple can reduce blood cholesterol content, increase bile secretion and bile acid function, thus avoiding cholesterol deposition in the bile to form gallstones.

It was found that more than 50% of people who ate apples frequently had a 10% lower cholesterol than those who did not.

2, the Apple also has the double effect and the function which the laxative and the diarrhea The cellulose contained in the Apple makes the feces of the large intestine soft; the apple is rich in organic acids, stimulates gastrointestinal peristalsis, and promotes defecate patency.

On the other hand, Apple contains pectin, but also inhibit intestinal abnormal peristalsis, so that digestive activity slowed down, thus inhibiting mild diarrhea.

3, Apple has the function of lowering blood pressure Apple contains more potassium, can be combined with the body's excess sodium salt, so that it out of the body. When the body intake of sodium salt too much, eat some apples, is conducive to balance the body electrolyte. Apple contains phosphorus and iron and other elements, easy to be absorbed by the intestinal wall, there are brain nourishing blood, ning God sleep role. The aroma of the apple is the cure for depression and oppression. 

After many experiments, the experts found that the aroma of Apple has the greatest influence on people's psychology, it has obvious effect of eliminating psychological depression. Clinical use proved that, let the spirit of depressed patients smell apple aroma, mood greatly improved, the spirit relaxed and happy, suppressed feeling disappeared. The experiment also proved that insomnia patients before falling asleep smell the smell of apple, can make people more quiet sleep. Use Apple to wash and squeeze the juice, take 100 ml per day, 3 times daily, continuous taking, 15 days for a course, Apple has the role of reducing cholesterol content.

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