The efficacy and function of Lentinus edodes and its edible methods
Jul 16, 2018

Mushrooms have always enjoyed the king of Shan Shan, fungus Queen's reputation, is the world's second largest edible fungus, mushrooms are often made into a variety of food in people's table, the nutritional value of the rich mushrooms have what effect and function, and then introduce the efficacy and role of mushrooms and edible methods.

1. Lowering fat pressure

Lentinus Edodes has the effect of lowering blood lipid and lowering blood pressure, the mushroom can dissolve cholesterol, play the role of reducing blood lipid, and mushrooms in the tyrosine, oxidase, purine and some nucleic acid substances can play a role in blood pressure, can also prevent atherosclerosis, cirrhosis and other diseases.

2. Delaying Aging

Mushrooms in the water extracts of the body to remove hydrogen peroxide, but also to clear the body of free radicals, often edible mushrooms, can play a role in delaying aging.

3. Improve immunity The polysaccharide in Lentinus edodes can promote T lymphocyte production, enhance its activity, strengthen immunity, and cure the effect of chronic hepatitis.

Mushroom is also vitamin D supplementation of food, long to eat it, can promote the absorption of calcium, to prevent the occurrence of rickets.

4. Prevent skin inflammation Mushrooms in a rich vitamin B group, vitamin B1,b2 and other B-group elements for the improvement of lipid dermatitis, such as a great help, edible mushrooms for the prevention of skin inflammation and mucous membrane has a certain effect.

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