The medicinal efficacy of pears
Jul 16, 2018

Medicinal efficacy The fruit, peel and root, skin, branches and leaves of pear can be used medicinally. Cool taste gan acid, into the lungs, stomach, can be Sheng Jin run dry, clearing heat and phlegm.

Attending Fever injury Jin, hot cough thirsty, crazy, choking hiccup, constipation and other diseases, and can help digestion, cough and phlegm, nourishing Yin, moistening the lungs, acne Pear sex cold, water content, and high sugar content, which is mainly fructose, glucose, sucrose and other soluble sugars, and contains a variety of organic acids, so sweet taste, juicy, sweet and pleasant. After eating a mouthful of cool, both nutrition, and antipyretic disease, can cough Sheng Jin, pure heart run throat, reduce heat, summer and autumn fever can be cool fruit, but also moistening the lungs, cough, phlegm.

It is effective for patients with colds, coughs and acute chronic bronchitis. Pears also have the function of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and clearing heat and calming. Because the pear contains more sugar body and tannic acid composition as well as a variety of vitamins, so high blood pressure, heart disease, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis patients appear dizzy head chord, palpitation tinnitus, often eat pear good.

The hepatitis Patient eats the pear to be able to protect the liver, helps digestion, increases the appetite the function. According to the "Materia Medica Tong Xuan" record, pear ' sheng Qing Liu Yan Heat, the mature people viscera Yin. "That is, raw food to the real fire, cooked food to Xuhuo, patients can choose as appropriate." such as raw pear mash can cure the fever, pear juice plus water chestnut juice, lotus root juice, juice, fresh reed roots, etc. made into five juice drink, can be shengjinzhike, heat-clearing, apply to the fever caused by the thirst, foaming and other disease, pear juice Gabon patchouli, Perrin, Lotus leaf, raw, and Jianlanye, etc., can be made into seven of fresh drink, can heat, health, and other troubles. Raw pear and other medicine stew, can cure xuhuo up cough. Take Chuanbei, almonds, rock sugar into the pear heart to dig pear, water stew, can be cured long cough.

Raw pear with almond, rock sugar steaming cooked, can cure dryness cough, chronic bronchitis, dry cough, mouth dry pharynx pain, bowel dryness constipation and so on.

Sydney, Chuanbei, wax gourd, etc. can be made into Chuanbei pear, with moistening lung phlegm, reduce fire and heat effect, can be used to treat the deficiency of cough, spit hemoptysis and other disease;

Chuanbei, Sydney plus pig lungs, sugar can be made into chuanbei Sydney stewed pig lungs, can remove phlegm, lungs, cough, suitable for tuberculosis, cough, hemoptysis, the elderly without phlegm-heat cough and other symptoms.

The white pepper powder 2 grams in the dug into the heart of the raw pear stew can be made into pepper pear, warm lung and air, in addition to the stomach cold, dampness phlegm function, the sputum thin from the lungs of cold cough effective.

Raw pear to the nucleus into 15 of cloves, with leaves wrapped, in the ashes of simmering food or steamed food, can benefit the stomach nourishing yin, treatment of stomach cold caused nausea spit food, drugs and so on.

Pear leaves contain bear fruit phenol glucoside, tannin and so on, fry the soup or ramming the juice to be taken orally, or ramming the juice besmear, can cure food bacterium poison and infantile hernia. Pear Peel decoction internal or ramming, can pure heart lungs, reduce fire and health, cure heat, thirst, cough and so on.

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