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Red Date And It Bubble Together, A Cup A Day, 7 Days In The Body Moisture, Face More Ruddy!
Jan 11, 2019

Brown sugar red date ginger tea

Jujube contains a lot of vitamin, can improve immunity, reduce the generation of gallstones, but also has the effect of nourishing Yin and Yang.Ginger can strengthen the spleen and stomach, with blood, cold, dehumidification, sweating and other functions.

Female long-term drinkable, can hairdressing raises colour.Summer is hot, the Yang inside body is empty.Drink a cup of ginger jujube tea at this time, can fill the deficiency of Yang qi in the body to warm, and can help Yang qi diverge to vent cold.

Clearing damp tea - hawthorn cassia seed

As the saying goes, fat nine wet, wet heavy people, want to lose weight always lose.This hawthorn cassia seed corn husk clearing damp tea is fine if you think you are wet.

Drink one cup a day to get rid of the garbage, moisture and fat.

The moisture in the body will lead to puffiness, face shine, you can imagine how terrible the moisture.Clearing damp tea is a necessary tea drink in the home, as long as the body removed the moisture, then the obesity will slowly away from you, let it to change your life state.

Hawthorn water.

The flavonoid of hawthorn kind material and the content such as vitamin C are very rich, vitamin C has the good name of natural hairdressing secret recipe.Eat hawthorn more at ordinary times, can help beautiful white, fight consenescence, have the effect of hairdressing.

Daily usable hawthorn and lemon bubble together water, add a bit rock sugar to adjust appropriately taste ok.Insist to drink, you can discover its hairdressing effect is pretty good still.

Longan red dates medlar tea

Medlar, red jujube, longan, it is the good product that fills qi and blood.Medlar can nourish liver and kidney, bright eye, embalm lung, fight consenescence.Boil longan red date tea when add a little medlar, can increase sweet taste and nutrition.

The female friend that often drinks tea of red jujube longan medlar, the skin is fair-skinned, hairdressing effect is good.Give oneself bubble a cup every morning, not only fill blood, still can bright eye, suit to be in for a long time especially before the office gens of computer.

Honeysuckle health tea

The effect of honeysuckle in addition to medicinal, its beauty, weight loss and health care and health care role is more magical, the body plays a great role in the protection and repair is very significant.

Honeysuckle has the effect of relieving heat, quenching thirst, removing internal wastes, reducing fat, losing weight, beauty cleaning, preventing aging and prolonging life.


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