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How To Buy An Apple
Jul 16, 2018

1. First of all to see the apple surface has no scars, there is no poles, do not underestimate that a small scar, may affect a large piece of pulp.

2. Do not choose the color is too bright, should buy that surface has pink uniform filiform stripes of fruit.

3. Pick up the nose to sniff, see if you can ask the faint smell of fresh apples, if you smell a chemical agent or other odor then don't buy.

4. There is also a kind of, that is, according to the price to judge, as the saying goes, a penny, so the general price is higher than a little more good ~

5. Second, look at the shape of the apple, the good Apple should be the shape of the correct, not deformed, nicely adjusted. 6. Choose the big belly button apples, such apples are generally sweet, do not choose the navel is very small apple.

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