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Jishan The Legend Of The Date Plate
Jul 16, 2018

Speaking of Jishan, will think of well-known domestic and foreign Jishan plate dates, "Jishan jujube, Scilloides big, peach small, sweet and crisp and good bite."

"Why is it so delicious?" said Jishan. There is also a story of legend. It is not clear when the former, Jishan County has a village, named Lu Cun, located at the foot of Lvliang Mountain.

The village has a honest and honest young lad, named board son, parents died early, the family is very poor, rely on the mountain firewood to maintain life. One day, the board with a rope, pole, ax up the mountain to firewood, when he climbed the top of the mountain when he saw two people sitting on a large bluestone is playing chess. These two people is the Luliangshan mountain God, a Lu Daxian, a Liang, living in the south of the Luliangshan at the southern end of the Huanghua Valley, the right main peak under the stone, these boards of course will not know. He firewood in the mountains all the year round, feeling that he was a lone man. Today, it is rare to have two people playing chess on the top of the hill, and he throws the rope and the axe and sits on the big stone.

It looks as if chess is coming. The two mountain gods in this game of time, divided into three plates of jujube, and the date of the nucleus spit in the ground behind, board son then conveniently picked up from the ground, put in the mouth swallowed the three jujube nucleus. When the two mountain gods packed their pieces to go, the board remembered that he had not yet laid the firewood. When he turned to fetch the rope and the axe, he found that his rope and the burden had rotted away, and the axe had rotted, and the axe had become a heap of rust. The board panicked and did not know what to do. The two mountain God looked at the board son puzzled look, in the heart feel funny, told him: they have a game of chess three years time, they three years to eat three plate dates, board son swallowed three plate jujube nucleus will be powerful infinite. If all the trees in Luliang Mountain bundle into a bundle is not enough for a person to carry it, no longer need to worry about the day sad. Board son this just dawned. The two mountain gods when they left gave a book to the board son, and told him in the most difficult time to look at, its own magical, but in the usual is not random turn.

The board got the Fairy book and came home overjoyed. "Three years of People's home, is already in tatters." Board son also regardless of tidy up the house, with curious heart sitting under the lamp turned over the book. He just whispered "Jade army ..." a few words, suddenly, red face fangs, dressed in armor, armed with the Sword Jade Army stood in the house, the courtyard, the room is everywhere, and loudly drink: "What do you call me?" Originally this is a field jade army of the Heavenly book, the board son surprised puzzled, hurriedly take a breath to say: "The Luliang mountain pulls the jujube tree." "Jade Army and shouted," Where to pull down?

The son replied: "Tao Liang Oasis Village," an instant, Jade Army disappeared.

The next day, people found that the size of the hill on the mountain of JuJube are missing, Tao, Yaocun, gan Quan village, Hu Jia Zhuang village of several villages covered with jujube trees, knot a big and full of red jujube son. Since then, people are very grateful to board son, called Jishan JuJube as "Plate date."

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