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Notes On The Edible Dates
Jul 16, 2018

1. Good red jujube skin color Purple, large and uniform granules, fruit line short and strong round the whole, the pattern is few, the trace is shallow, if the wrinkle is many, the trace is deep, the fruit line concave, then belongs to the fleshy difference and immature fresh jujube dry goods; If the date pedicle has perforated or sticky brown or dark brown powder, the description has been moth;

2. Excessive consumption of jujube can cause acid excess and bloating;

3. Rotten JuJube in the role of microorganisms will produce acid and methanol, people eat rotten jujube will appear dizziness, visual impairment and other toxic reactions, heavy can endanger life, so to attract attention;

4. Raw, JuJube skin easily stranded in the gut and not easy to expel, so eat jujube should spit date skin;

5. Dates eat more will rise gas, pregnant women if there is bloating phenomenon will not eat jujube, if only drink red jujube soup does not matter.

A little common sense to eat jujube

1. JuJube Peel tough, if the whole bubble, it is difficult to fully dissolve its effective ingredients, the best break apart and then brew;

2. Fresh red dates are not suitable for brewing or frying, hot water boiling bubble will seriously damage dimension C;

3. Medium-sized dates, preferably not more than 15 servings;

4. Female menstrual period appears swollen or swollen, abdominal distension phenomenon is not suitable to eat red jujube; 5. The Constitution hot woman menstruation should not eat the red jujube.

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