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Nutritional Analysis Of Dates
Jul 16, 2018

1. JuJube can improve human immunity, pharmacological research found that red jujube can promote the formation of white blood cells, reduce serum cholesterol, improve serum albumin, protect the liver, red JuJube also contains inhibition of cancer cells, and even the cancer cells to normal cell transformation of substances;

2. People who often eat fresh jujube rarely suffer from gallstones, this is because of the rich in fresh jujube vitamin C, so that the excess cholesterol into the body of bile acid, less cholesterol, the probability of the formation of stones will be reduced;

3. JuJube is rich in calcium and iron, they have an important role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, middle-aged and elderly menopause often osteoporosis, is the growth and development of young people and women prone to anemia, jujube will have a very ideal therapeutic effect, the effect is usually not comparable to drugs;

4. The person who is deficient after the disease also has the good nourishing function;

5. JuJube contains Rutin, is a kind of make blood vessels soften, so as to reduce blood pressure of the substance, to the prevention of hypertension disease efficacy;

6. JuJube can also resist allergies, in addition to foul smell, ning heart soothe the nerves, puzzle brain, enhance appetite. 7 Prune warm sweet, rich in protein, sugar, organic acid, vitamin B and vitamin E, and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other trace elements, as well as a variety of nutrients, has the effect of tonifying the kidney and nourishing the stomach. and to delay aging, enhance the vitality of the body, beauty are very helpful. So prune is called "Nutrition storehouse", regular edible can help the female to replenish qi to raise blood, maintain the function of epithelial cell tissue. And can warm stomach, eyesight, blood circulation, water detoxification, moisturizing skin, black beard jiapin.

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