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On The Taboo Of Eating Dates
Jul 16, 2018

1. It is not suitable to eat with cucumber or radish

Radish will have ascorbic acid enzyme, cucumber contains vitamin decomposition enzymes, both ingredients can destroy other foods in the vitamin.

2. Rot spoiled jujube bogey edible

JuJube decay, will make microbial reproduction, jujube in the acid enzyme continue to decompose pectin production of pectin and methanol, methanol can be decomposed to produce formaldehyde and methanol.

3. Not suitable for simultaneous consumption with vitamins

The vitamins in JuJube can cause vitamin K to decompose and destroy, reducing the therapeutic effect.

4. Do not eat with animal liver at the same time

Animal liver is rich in copper, iron and other elements, copper and iron ions are very easy to make other foods contained in the vitamin oxidation and loss of efficacy.

5. When taking the antipyretic medicine taboo edible Taking acetaminophen to eat food with high sugar content is easy to form insoluble complex, reduce the initial absorption rate.JuJube for high sugar content of food, so taboo to eat.

6. The bitterness of the stomach medicine and the wind-repellent stomach medicine should not be eaten Bitterness and wind-driven stomach drugs are the bitterness of the drug to stimulate the taste organs, reflective to improve the excitement of the center of the food to help digestion, improve appetite.

If take the above medicaments to use the big jujube, then obviously affects the medicine curative effect. 

7. Dental caries pain, swelling of the abdomen, constipation is not suitable for consumption, bogey and onions, fish with food.

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