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The Edible Effect Of Persimmon Dry
Jul 16, 2018

◆ The edible effect of persimmon

1, Supplementary dimension C: Persimmon contains vitamins and sugar than the general fruit 1~2 times, so eat persimmon can be supplemented by a large number of vitamin C. 2, Embellish bowel: Persimmon is rich in pectin, it is a water-soluble dietary fiber, has a good bowel function, for relieving constipation, to maintain the normal intestinal flora growth and so have a very good role. In addition, Persimmon and Persimmon can be used as a palliative nourishing products.

And has the role of hemostatic run stool, can alleviate hemorrhoids swelling, bleeding and rectal bleeding and so on.

◆ The medicinal efficacy of persimmon

1, hemostasis: Fresh Persimmon has cool blood hemostatic effect; Persimmon has the function of descending and stopping, persimmon and stomach hemostasis, persimmon Ye You hemostatic effect, used for the treatment of cough blood, blood, bleeding, vomiting water; studies have found that persimmon and persimmon leaves for buck, water, anti-inflammatory, hemostasis has a positive effect.

2, Moistening Lung phlegm, shengjinzhike: Persimmon helps to reduce blood pressure, soften blood vessels, increase coronary flow, and can promote blood circulation and inflammation, improve cardiovascular function. 3, Hangover: Persimmon can promote the blood of ethanol oxidation, can help the body of alcohol excretion, reduce alcohol damage to the body.

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