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The Health Value Of Dates
Jul 16, 2018

JuJube is also known as JuJube, the ancient name of the United States JuJube, containing a lot of protein, each hundred grams of JuJube contains about 120 mg. Sugar content is also very high, fresh jujube for 20%~30%, dried jujube can be as high as 55%~80%. Every hundred grams contains about 20 mg of fat. JuJube biggest characteristic is the vitamin content is extremely high, each hundred grams fresh jujube medium Vitamin C is 380 mg ~600 mg, is about 100 times times taller than the apple, the peach and so on. The vitamin P contained is more than 10 times times higher than the recognized lemon containing many vitamin p.

It has the effect of moistening the lungs, relieving cough, supplementing the viscera, treating the deficiency, and hundred medicine, except the gastrointestinal addiction. Winter JuJube JuJube in the vitamin C content is very rich, each hundred grams fresh jujube flesh content is 352 mg, is the Apple vitamin C content 70 times times, the pear 140 times times, the gold silk JuJube's 20 times times. Intake of adequate vitamin C, can clear the body of various toxins, increase the resistance to disease, and promote metabolism. In the cold season, eat more fresh winter jujube is undoubtedly the effective way to resist the cold virus.

Eat more winter jujube also can soften blood vessels, prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Uguan also known as smoked jujube, jiao jujube, is the selection of ripe fresh red dates, by boiling, kiln smoked, cool and other processes refined into. Uzi bright color, fine pattern, with a special sweet taste.

Uguan can not replace the jujube, its sexual heat, mainly tonic effect, and the date of the flat, in the prescription is mainly used to complement the spleen and stomach, Yiqi Sheng Jin, nourishing blood soothe the nerves, tonifying the liver, regulating Ying Wei, antidote poison and so on. Prune sex taste clearing, good at helping Yin blood, into the liver to go kidney. Clinically on the liver and kidney yin deficiency patients, generally more use prune. Good prune skin color should be glossy with light, dark red, black skin color for the time, black with shepherds, if the whole granular skin is a reddish brown is defective.

Good prune is large even, short and strong round, top round pedicle side, the leather wrinkles thin. South JuJube flavor gan into the spleen, AIDS and not [5] greasy. The spleen deficiency stomach weak patient, needs the jujube as the auxiliary medicine, the best choice South JuJube.

South JuJube has the function of enhancing organism immunity, preventing colds, and supplementing qi, such as astragalus and other compatibility, boiled water for half an hour, drink soup to eat jujube, to chronic bronchitis, asthma has a very good preventive effect. JuJube sweet and thick, smooth detoxification effect is better. The old people often eat the jujube, to cough less phlegm and bowel dryness constipation has the good prevention and cure function.

Dates contain the highest amount of sugar, preferably used to congee, can dilute the sugar concentration in the dates. JuJube protein, glucose, vitamin C, D, A, calcium, phosphorus, iron content is high. Vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and iron are necessary for the healthy growth of children. It taste acid flat, Ann in repose, flat stomach qi, pass nine, fill the gas, increase body fluid. The beverage made from JuJube as raw material has obvious anti-aging effect, lowering blood lipid and preventing arteriosclerosis. More can phlegm wide chest, soothe the nerves and sweat, appetizers to wake up the spleen, improve appetite. Because of its rich in adenosine phosphate, cancer prevention also has a certain effect.

The elderly Heart yin deficiency, heart and kidney and insomnia, urine can not help, the use of longan meat, sand jujube kernel equal amount, add water appropriate herbal juice for tea drink, can play a beneficial kidney solid essence shrink urine effect. Dates in some of our ancient books called Persian dates, dates, incense dates and so on. A kilo of dates produces about 3000 calories, the amount of calories an adult needs for a day of activity. JuJube juice can be mixed with milk, goat milk, is a kind of delicious food.

Using dates to make ointments can be used to treat redness, abscess, dislocation and ulcers. Elaeagnus angustifolia angustifolia is a kind of very regional characteristics of the product, in the oasis of desert area, that big leaf tree knot like the thumb of the fruit, lobular tree knot small like rice fruit. Regardless of size, growth period, all are brittle, sand, sweet, and to mature and become soft, sandy sweet. In the desert area, Elaeagnus angustifolia is People's hunger Jiapin. Elaeagnus angustifolia is the medicine to cure diarrhea. Once the sick, eat a few, quick results.

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