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The Therapeutic Effect Of JuJube
Jul 16, 2018

JuJube sweet, sexual flat, into the spleen, stomach meridian;

Have replenishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin blood, yangxin soothe the nerves, ease the efficacy of drug;

For the treatment of spleen-deficiency caused by less food, diarrhea, yin Blood deficiency caused by women's Dirty Mania syndrome, after the body virtual people eat JuJube also has a good tonic effect.

JuJube has always been Yiqi, nourishing blood, soothe the nerves of health jiapin, on hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, anemia and other patients are very beneficial. JuJube pulp hypertrophy, color delicious sweet, rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so jujube has always been Yiqi, nourishing blood, soothe the nerves of health jiapin, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, anemia and other patients are very beneficial.

JuJube is not only the health care Jiapin, but also the skin care beauty Jiapin. 1, the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease jujube rich in vitamin C and vitamin p, for sound capillary, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, anti-atherosclerosis is very beneficial.

JuJube contains ring-phosphate adenosine, can dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contractility, improve myocardial nutrition, so can prevent and cure cardiovascular disease.

2. Anti-tumor

JuJube contains three terpene compounds that can fight cancer and a ring-phosphate adenosine that converts cancer cells to normal cells.

3. Anti-allergy 15-25 pieces of raw food or cooked cooked food, three times a day, can treat allergic purpura.

This is also because when the body intake of sufficient amount of cyclic-phosphate adenosine, immune cells in the content of the cyclic adenosine triphosphate increased, which will inhibit the immune response, to achieve the allergy-resistant effect.

4. Detoxification and Liver protection JuJube contains rich sugars and vitamin C as well as ring-phosphate adenosine and so on, can reduce the damage of the liver of chemical drugs, and promote protein synthesis, increase the serum total protein content of the role.

In clinical, JuJube can be used for adjuvant treatment of chronic hepatitis and early liver cirrhosis.

5, Nourishing Blood Beauty Eat JuJube three times a day, each time 10 pieces, have the effect of nourishing blood beauty. JuJube with Tremella stew or boiled porridge edible, the effect is better. This is also because the jujube contains rich vitamins and iron and other minerals, can promote hematopoiesis, prevention and treatment of anemia, so that the complexion ruddy.

In addition, JuJube rich in vitamin C, p and ring-phosphate can promote skin cell metabolism, so that skin white and delicate, to prevent pigmentation, to achieve skin care beauty effect. In addition, the eating jujube on women menopause hot sweat sweating, emotional instability has control and adjustment role. Also, JuJube has the role of enhancing human endurance and anti-fatigue.

It is no wonder that the Chinese people always take the date as a tonic fitness jiapin.

6. Enhance human immunity JuJube contains a large number of carbohydrates, mainly glucose, also contains fructose, sucrose, and glucose and fructose composed of oligosaccharide, Arabic poly sugar and half milk aldehyde, etc., and contains a large number of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, carotene, nick acid and other vitamins, has a strong nourishing role, can improve the immune function of the human body, and enhance the ability of disease resistance.

7, strengthen the muscle strength to increase the weight

The experimental mice Daily irrigation of JuJube decoction, a total of 3 weeks, weight increased significantly higher than the control group, and in the swimming test, the swimming time than the control group significantly prolonged, which indicates that JuJube has enhanced muscle strength and increase the role of weight.

8. Protect Liver

Experimental results showed that the rabbit with carbon tetrachloride liver injury was fed to jujube decoction for 1 weeks, and the total serum protein and albumin increased significantly compared with the control group, indicating that JuJube had the function of protecting liver.

9. Calm and soothe the nerves

JuJube contains flavonoids--double-glucoside A has sedation, hypnosis and antihypertensive effect, which was separated from the pomelo ligand C-type has central inhibitory effect, that is, reduce spontaneous movement and stimulate reflex, stiffness of wood, so the jujube has the nerves, calm the work.

10, anti-cancer, anti-mutation JuJube contains a variety of three of these compounds, of which ye wood acid, mountain phytic acid are found to have anti-cancer activity, S-180 has inhibitory effect on sarcoma. The nutrients contained in the jujube can enhance the immune function of the human body, and have certain effect on anti-cancer and maintaining the function of the viscera.

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