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The Three Misunderstandings About Dates
Jul 16, 2018

Eat JuJube is very good, but the internet also spread some of the taboo to eat jujube, some of these taboos some truth, some are very difficult to stand, here for you to read about the three major misunderstandings about eating jujube.

◆ Misunderstanding 1: jujube blood effect is good First of all, to show that anemia patients eat jujube is good, like eating apples or grapes and other fruits like.

However, if you expect JuJube to play a special role in the blood, and even treatment of iron deficiency anemia, like liver or meat, it is wrong. JuJube (fresh) iron content in the fruit is more than 1.2 mg/100 grams.

However, like other plant-based foods, the iron absorption rate in jujube is extremely low and cannot be used well by the human body. JuJube (Fresh) Vitamin C (VC) content is the leader in fruit, for 243 mg/100 grams. and VC can promote iron absorption, help prevent iron deficiency anemia.

However, as discussed above, jujube (fresh) often can not eat more, eat so 10 eight-grain jujube, for the blood, pure nowhere near.

◆ Misunderstanding 2: JuJube can not eat with carrots Support this argument is that JuJube (fresh) rich in Vitamin C (VC), and carrots contain the oxidation of VC enzymes, so the two met will reduce the nutritional value of JuJube. The first two sentences are right, JuJube has VC, Carrot has oxidase, but the last sentence is wrong.

Carrots in the destruction of enzymes is very limited, even the carrot itself contains the VC can not be destroyed, how to destroy other foods in the VC? Therefore, if you really care about the destruction of VC, the "best" strategy is to not eat carrots. But this also has the problem, because in addition to carrot, cucumber and other vegetables also contains the destruction of VC oxidase, so even cucumber and so also do not eat? But still not, other food although not destroy the VC oxidase, but there will be other disadvantages, such as eggs have cholesterol, meat and milk saturated fat ..., do not eat it together?

Starve to death. As for JuJube can not eat with seafood, jujube and green onions can not eat together ...

The same kind of based on the food of the nonsense, more Broun.

◆ Misunderstanding 3: JuJube should not eat more

Big dates are food supplements. As we all know, jujube (fresh jujube) is difficult to digest. This is because the JuJube not only water content is low, only 67% (other common fruit is mostly 80%~90%), and the dietary fiber content is high, is 1.9%, obviously higher than other common fruit (for example grape average is 0.4%, Apple average is 1.2%). Dietary fiber (especially insoluble cellulose) can not be digested in the stomach or small intestine and can cause gastrointestinal discomfort when ingested at a high rate. JuJube in the dietary fiber mainly concentrated in the skin, jujube pulp is crisp, but the jujube skin is very thin and hard. It is hard to mash thoroughly when chewing. You can experiment: the JuJube (fresh jujube) after chewing, do not swallow, spit out to observe, you will find that mixed with different sizes of the date skin fragments, they are separated from the pulp, shape, hard texture, edge sharp.

As you can imagine, swallowing into your stomach, if you have an inflammation or ulcer in your stomach mucosa, is tantamount to spreading salt on the wound, causing pain or discomfort. Of course, if your stomach is healthy and there is no inflammation, ulcer or wound, then your ability to tolerate jujube is stronger. Of course, even so, jujube (fresh) Eat too much, also can cause stomach discomfort. This is the reason for the assertion that jujube should not eat more. However, even if there is no obvious gastritis or ulcer, the thickness of the gastric mucosa of different people and the tolerance to some irritating substances are not the same. So, how many jujube to eat is suitable (to eat 5 or 35 capsules?) ) is entirely individualized and does not have an exact limit.

So, is it always possible to give an approximate amount? In fact, giving an approximate limit is meaningless.

Because of the time to eat jujube, people can according to their own situation to determine, eat a eat to know how many dates is appropriate.

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