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Variety Classification Of Dates
Jul 16, 2018

(1) According to the region, the average annual temperature of 15 degrees of isotherm is bounded, which is divided into two ecotype of South JuJube and northern JuJube. 

(2) According to the fruit size and fruit shape divided 

① according to the size of the fruit into two types of jujube and JuJube. JuJube such as Lingbao JuJube, Gray jujube, Zanhuang jujube, Fuping JuJube and so on, jujube, such as Golden Silk jujube, seedless jujube, heart-like dates and so on. 

② combines fruit size and fruit shape into 6 categories. JuJube type, such as Golden Silk jujube, seedless jujube, heart dates, Miyun jujube, etc., long date type, such as Lang JuJube, bottle of JuJube, Chun JuJube, Zanhuang jujube, irrigation Yangchang, etc., round jujube, such as Zanhuang, round bell jujube, slow de round jujube, such as, oblate, such as winter jujube, flower dates, such as, constricted dates, such as goat's milk dates, gourd dates, grinding dates, etc.. Calyx JuJube,such as Persimmon top jujube, five flower dates and so on.

(3) Classification by purpose This is the most commonly used classification method: 

① made of dry varieties. Characterized by thick meat, less juice, sugar content and drying rate are high.

such as Golden Silk jujube, Zanhuang jujube, JuJube, Lingbao jujube, Lang JuJube, JuJube and so on. 

② fresh food species. Characterized by thin skin, fleshy Nen You, juicy sweet.such as winter jujube, Linyi pear jujube, white bell, honey cans and so on. 

③ and used varieties. Fresh food can also be made or processed dates and other products.such as Ming Shan JuJube, Chun JuJube, Gray JuJube, Jin JuJube, bottle of JuJube, plate dates and so on. 

④ jujube varieties. It is characterized by large and tidy fruit, thick meat, small juice, thin skin, low sugar content, large cell cavity, easy to absorb sugar juice. such as Yiwu JuJube, Xuancheng pointed (round) JuJube, Guanyang JuJube and so on.

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