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  • Natural Dried Persimmon

    Dried Persimmon is leisure food, which possesses the Chinese national ethnic flavor. Take mature persimmon fruit, eliminate skin and exposure for a month, it then becomes dried persimmon. It has the effect of moistening lung and stopping bleeding and other effects. The...
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  • Red Jujube

    The first red date bubble water drink.The study found that taking a glass of red jujube water every day was good for nourishing the liver detoxification.Experiments have shown that people with poor liver function who take a glass of jujube every day for a week can effectively...
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  • Natural Chestnut

    natural Chinese Chestnut Natural water source irrigation, rich in organic matter and other chinese chestnut growing trace elements of the micro acid soil, making chinese chestnut branches and leaves flourish, a lot of fruit.Our chinese chestnut comes from the chestnut trees...
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  • Fuji Apple

    fuji apple The average size of selenium rich apples is 250 grams, the shape is cylindrical, and the fruit surface is all red.Selenium rich apple flesh is light yellow, sweet and sour, crisp and juicy.Selenium can inhibit the growth of tumor in human body, and apple itself...
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  • Fresh Sweet Pear

    Fresh sweet pear The cultivation of pear in Suizhong has a long history, and it is well-known all over the country for its good quality and high yield. There are still more than 300 years old pear trees in the northwest of Suizhong. There are two reasons for the unique...
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  • Natural Mango

    Natural mango Mango nutrition is rich, have anti-cancer, beautification eating mango skin, prevent hypertension, atherosclerosis, prevent constipation, cough, clear intestines and stomach.Fresh fruit, also can be in processed fruit juice, jam, sugar, salt, preserves food...
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  • Organic Black Agaric

    Organic black agaric Autumn wild fungus collected from northeast China in the virgin forest, here is the world's rare pollution-free natural pure land, for only a year before the winter autumn harvest time, so called "autumn black fungus, it happened long long, thick...
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  • Natural Shiitake Mushroom

    We located in Shenyang city Liaoning near province which is called –The Hometown Of Mushroom. Our products exported to many country and districts. such as :North America, Brazile, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia ,Europe and so on.We have 10more than production bases in...
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  • Fresh Sweet Jujube

    The jujube cultivation in Shandong Province has a long history, and as early as 1986, it was classified as “Jujube Production Base” by the China State Forestry Administration. Ge Shi Town of Ning Yang County is also called the hometown of China Jujube. Shandong Jujube is...
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  • Natural Jujube

    Natural Shandong jujube is the healthy food that nature gives us.Because of the superior natural conditions of Shandong,such as large temperature difference,sufficient sunniness,snow water irrigation,and fertile land.Make the jujube granules tight and full.Jujube has rich and...
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  • Organic Dried Red Jujube

    Dried foods are those that have undergone the process of drying, which allows them to have a vastly longer shelf life while at the same time retaining most of the nutrients. Drying foods involve removing water from food and the removal of water makes dried foods lightweight...
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  • Dried Red Jujube

    1.Our own planting base for herb plants.
    2.Our own facilities and production lines.
    3.Professional R&D and Sales team.
    4.Professional technology and mature system.
    5.Products meet international standard quality of the products.
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